Mission Statement

The 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation is dedicated to improving the quality of life of working families and communities. To help these families, the Corporation encourages the healthy development of children and youth by providing a high-quality educational environment in which they thrive during all stages of their development.

At the Corporation, we work hard to bring out the best in our dedicated staff, the parents we serve and the children in our care.

Future of America Learning Center’s Educational Philosophy

We Believe:

  • Children are unique individuals who carry within themselves unlimited potential
  • In allowing children the freedom to utilize their own learning style and grow at their particular pace
  • In the value of cultural richness and multi-ethnic diversity
  • That children develop self-confidence, independence, initiative, a sense of order, concentration and love of learning in an atmosphere of freedom and discipline
  • That the strength of the Plant-A-Dream curriculum design lies in the educational team made up of the program’s leadership, teachers and parents
  • That parental involvement is an essential ingredient to a child’s educational success
  • That educational progress is measured in many ways: family projects, portfolios, performances, classroom participation, and research-based assessment tools such as Work Sampling System (WSS) and Devereux Early Childhood Assessment on Children’s Resiliency (DECA)