Future of America Learning Center

While the CCC offers a variety of programs and services, its early childhood initiatives have been the most-heralded. In 1993, the CCC’s Future of America Learning Center was established. FALC, which focuses on early-childhood education and development, provides a high-quality education program for the youngest members of working families, setting a standard of achievement and excellence for both children and parents.

Nearly 20 years after its establishment, the Future of America Learning Center continues to be an invaluable tool for parents, community members, and youth.

Unfortunately, not all parents in the community can afford to send their children to early childhood enrichment programs. Parents who struggle to give their children a head start in developing strong academic skills are often at a crossroads. Studies show that those who received quality early childhood education are much more successful than their peers who did not. The effects of a solid early childhood educational foundation yield measurable long-term results.

Educational programs that promote leadership and encourage early potential are desperately needed. With your support, we can help provide more children who live in the community with the head start they deserve, and place them on the path to becoming active, productive members of society.