WorkForce 2000 is designed to help 1199SEIU youth succeed in high school, prepare for college and explore career interests. The program, a collaboration between the Child Care Corporation and New York University, offers a dynamic opportunity for youth leadership and development. It consists of a summer weekday academic experience or work internship, a fall retreat, and Saturday academic sessions at New York University during the school year.

Through volunteer efforts, cultural awareness and social activism, WorkForce 2000 students are at the forefront of creating positive change in their communities. The Child Care Corporation’s goal is to ensure that youth take the crucial steps toward creating successful high school experiences and making dreams of college and future careers a reality.

WF2 students are motivated by sheer discipline. Despite their growing high school workloads and extracurricular school activities, students participate in full-day Saturday academic sessions and in other WF2 programming throughout the entire school year, as well as for four weeks during the summer.

Pre-RN Program

On Thursday, May 31, the 2018 graduates of the 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Fund’s (CCF) Pre-RN program were honored for their achievements at the annual Lab Coat Ceremony. The Pre-RN program is part of CCF’s WorkForce 2000 initiative, a year-round academic program designed to help children of 1199SEIU members succeed in high school, prepare for college and explore career interests. The Pre-RN program of WorkForce 2000 aims to increase both the availability and diversity of the New York City nursing workforce by helping prepare high school students to pursue nursing professions.

At this year’s ceremony, Eizan Wallace, a 2010 graduate of the Pre-RN program, described the resiliency of nurses in delivering comprehensive patient care and navigating professional challenges. Norma Amsterdam, Executive Vice President of the 1199SEIU Registered Nurses Division, reminded the graduates to serve with compassion, communicate clearly and always advocate for their patients. For more information about the WorkForce 2000 Pre-RN program, please email [email protected], or call (212) 564-2220.