The Youth Mentoring Program (YMP) is an innovative project of the League Labor Management Initiatives, Inc., and is administered by the 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation. The program was established over 20 years ago to assist the Union and the employers in building a future workforce by exposing employees’ children to ever-expanding careers within the healthcare profession.

Each summer, the CCC partners with 25 to 30 hospitals and nursing homes to introduce youth to the world of work and careers in the healthcare environment. The impact of the summer placement on youth is extraordinary. The host institutions provide several opportunities for youth placement, enrichment, career development and leadership. At the end of the comprehensive six-week mentorship experience, youth emerge with a greater understanding of the changing healthcare workforce, the impact of global healthcare and cultural competency.

The experience does not end there, however. It is our hope to provide placements for more youth to enable them to take advantage of mentorship opportunities and to thrive. With each new mentorship placement we make, we can provide a motivated teen with enhanced leadership skills, a greater understanding of the healthcare profession and an improved ability to accurately determine the appropriate professional path and to pursue desired career goals.

You can support YMP in a number of ways. Call today to learn more about how you can partner with us to ensure that teens obtain knowledge of the healthcare profession, a more informed career outlook and a bright and healthy future.