Administered by the Child Care Corporation, the Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program provides a summer sleep-away camp experience to children of 1199SEIU members who are between the ages of 9 and 15 years. The program was introduced more than 40 years ago, with the goal of offering children an opportunity to enjoy an educational and recreational experience outside of the city. More than 800 children attend the Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program annually.

All children should have the chance to enjoy an extended respite from their daily environment. Sleep-away camp offers this valuable opportunity. Children who spend time away at camp can benefit from enrichment activities and challenges that will enhance their physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills. The summer program offers a variety of options that meet the needs of young campers and their families. Each camp is responsible for its own curriculum as well as for activities and services. Camp activities reflect a wide range of interests and may include arts and crafts, computer instruction, music and dance, nature study, sports and swimming. Camps are also available for children with special needs who require accommodations based on dietary, medical, religious or other requirements.

Our goal is to introduce more children to the wonders of camp. With your critical support, we can provide a summer enrichment experience to more children who would otherwise not be able to broaden their horizons.