For many young students, a college education is a building block on the road to success. College represents the next level of academic achievement toward a promising future. However, with the cost of tuition rising each year, students and their parents are faced with the challenges of affording undergraduate study. The CCC recognizes the importance of attaining a college degree and is helping to ease the burden for youth planning to attend college.

By administering the 1199SEIU Joseph Tauber Scholarship Program, which supports the academic achievement of young people, the CCC helps youth realize their academic goals. The program offers scholarships to children of eligible 1199SEIU members who are attending accredited undergraduate programs. The award may be used to pay for books, personal expenses, transportation, tuition or for reducing student loan debt. The awards students receive go a long way toward supporting their studies and encouraging them to reach their academic goals.

Without this critical assistance, many students would not be able to afford their college expenses. As more students enter the scholarship applicant pool, our goal is to provide a greater number of worthy candidates with increased scholarship support. With your help, we can help alleviate the burden for college students facing financial challenges. Please contact us today to learn more about sponsoring a deserving college student.