Programs and Services

The 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation Makes a Difference

The 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation seeks to nurture the development of children through a range of programs that are educational, informative, culturally relevant and fun. It also provides financial assistance to those students who need additional help to achieve their academic goals.

The Future of America Learning Center (FALC)

The Future of America Learning Center (FALC) focuses on early childhood learning and development through day care and after-school programs for children up to age 13. Its “Plant-A-Dream” curriculum features group lessons as well as individualized instruction that allows teachers to observe each child’s learning patterns, interests and social abilities. Through this targeted approach of age-appropriate activities, children gain confidence, acquire knowledge and develop greater interpersonal skills.

The Anne Shore Camp Program

The Anne Shore Camp Program gives children and teens between the ages of 9 and 15 an opportunity to attend two- to four-week summer sleep-away camps located along the East Coast. Children who spend time at camp benefit from enrichment activities and challenges that enhance their physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills.

WorkForce 2000

WorkForce 2000 (WF2) is designed to help youth meet the challenges of high school, prepare for college and explore career options such as nursing, through its Pre-RN Track. As part of WF2’s offerings, students can attend Saturday classes at New York University during the school year, as well as additional classes during the summer or summer work internships.

The Youth Mentoring Program

The Youth Mentoring Program exposes high school students to the workplace by giving them job experience at an 1199SEIU healthcare institution or facility where their parents are employed. This summer internship provides motivated teens with enhanced leadership skills, a better understanding of various healthcare professions and increased options for pursuing their career goals.

The Joseph Tauber Scholarship Program

The Joseph Tauber Scholarship Program distributes need-based financial awards to students so they may continue their education at an accredited college or university. With the cost of higher education rising each year, many students would not be able to afford their college expenses without this critical assistance.