Programs and Services

Youth Mentoring Program (YMP)

Each summer, the Child Care Corporation partners with 25-30 hospitals and nursing homes, which provide dependents of 1199SEIU members with mentoring opportunities within their parents’ workplace.  In a six-week period, youth are introduced to the world of work and careers in the healthcare environment.  The Youth Mentoring Program provides the employers with approximately 500 teens who acquire direct knowledge of the healthcare profession each year.  YMP trains today’s youth to strengthen the healthcare industry by helping to shape young ladies and gentlemen into astute professionals.

WorkForce 2000 is a yearlong academic program which meets on Saturday at New York University during the academic year.

While the Corporation offers a variety of programs and services, its early childhood initiatives have been most heralded. In 1993, the Corporation’s Future of America Learning Center was established.

Administered by the Child Care Corporation, the Program offers a vocational experience to youth by placing them in the institutions where their parents work and exposing them to various career paths.

The Joseph Tauber Scholarship Program allows children of eligible 1199SEIU members who attend accredited undergraduate programs to be considered for need-based financial awards.

The Anne Shore Camp Program allows eligible children between the ages of 9 and 15 to attend two- to four-week summer sleep-away camps located across the Northeast.