WorkForce 2000 is a yearlong academic program which meets on Saturday at New York University during the academic year. The WorkForce 2000 summer experience is mandatory for all students and includes a four-week academic session or a four-week work internship for students meeting program criteria. The program is designed to help teenagers succeed in high school, prepare for college and explore career interests. The school year component of WorkForce 2000 consists of education, college preparation, life/leadership skills, social/cultural development and community building. WorkForce 2000 also offers a weekend retreat, workshops, and leadership experiences throughout the year.

Students interested in nursing may apply to the WorkForce 2000 Pre-RN track. This program component introduces students to the fundamental elements of nursing and allows them to explore potential pathways to a nursing career. The Pre-RN track is designed to help students complete the high school coursework they need in order to pursue a career in nursing and provides them with unique, practical opportunities through fieldwork and experiences to gain insight into the expanding career options for nursing.