Quarterly Features

WorkForce 2000 Career Day

The 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation’s WorkForce 2000 program held its tenth annual Career Day on March 15, 2014, at New York University. More than 150 1199SEIU members’ children who are enrolled in the program attended the event. The key component of Career Day is Career Conversation Panels that help students explore occupations in which they have expressed an interest. Career specialists who facilitate the panels provide students with the opportunity to address questions and concerns related to career development and employment. Students are able to gain insight into the dynamics of a particular industry, as well as varied career paths.

A group of vibrant professionals in industries such as Arts, Media, Music; Business and Finance; Engineering and Architecture; Entrepreneurship; Fashion; Health Careers; Human Service Careers; Information Technology; Law and Criminal Justice; and Sports and Business participated in the event. In total, 63 professionals and entrepreneurs were on hand representing employers Con Edison, Pepsi Co., and Donna Karan, as well as various 1199SEIU hospitals. Five of the 63 participants featured on the panels were WorkForce 2000 alumni. They provided students with personal accounts of their unique experiences and updates on their careers since graduating from the program. This targeted event offered teens an invaluable experience and an opportunity for networking.

WorkForce 2000 Pre-RN Open House

The 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation’s WorkForce 2000 Pre-RN program hosted its annual Pre-RN Open House at New York University (NYU) on March 29, 2014. The collaborative effort between NYU, Pre-RN consultants and WorkForce 2000 during this event gave incoming Pre-RN program applicants insight into the requirements of the program. The 26 student applicants attended the event with the goal of understanding the different components of the program, taking part in a piece of the academic curriculum prior to being admitted into the program, and meeting program staff. Pre-RN consultants, Master Teacher Dr. Carmelita Blake and Pre-RN Specialist Carla Lowe, MPH, RN, are an integral part of the day, as they teach and assess applicants’ skills. Dr. Blake facilitated a class on Cultural Competency, which explored cultural characteristics of healthcare that nurses are required to learn. During her class, Pre-RN Specialist Carla Lowe taught students about the effect of sexually transmitted diseases on the body’s immune and reproductive systems. Her presentation included a video which focused on guiding young adults in talking with their health care providers about sexual health.

The day’s agenda included a group interview with WorkForce 2000 program staff and two Pre-RN alumni, as well as an essay writing portion to evaluate students’ writing and critical thinking skills. Both of these elements aid in determining an applicant’s acceptance into the Pre-RN program. Parents of applicants were required to attend and participated in a morning workshop on college planning. In addition, they had the option to participate in either Dr. Carmelita Blake’s or Carla Lowe’s class with their teens. The Open House serves a dual role, as parents and students are able to evaluate whether the program will benefit their needs, while the staff is able to evaluate applicants to assess their true interest in nursing. The event concluded with the WorkForce 2000 Coordinator Michael Williams conducting a question- and answer-segment with parents about the Pre-RN program.