FALC’s 26th Annual Science Fair: Water World vis-à-vis Climate Crisis

The Future of America Learning Center (FALC) kicked off its 26th Annual Science Fair virtually with our Preschool 1, Preschool 2 and Preschool 3 children showcasing sensorial learning on essential questions, including “How do we explore water through our five senses?”; “What’s wrong with the coral reef?”; and “How does climate change affect the water system?” Preschool 4 and UPK 1, UPK 2, and UPK 3 children presented over the following two days on topics such as “How is water essential to our lives and the environment?”; “How do droughts and floods affect our environment?”; “Why is water important?”; “How does water affect nature, animals and humans?” and “How does glacier ice melting affect sea level?”

FALC staff detailed the science fair’s history as a longtime staple of our curriculum and family engagement activities, creating a special time and venue for children to show their peers and families their scientific discoveries, planning and learning. The event has always been an opportunity for children to explore and engage not only with their classmates and teachers but also with their families on projects that promote critical thinking, preparing a hypothesis, conducting experiments to test theories and confidently and expressively presenting their findings.

The children’s presentations covered an array of multi-sensorial styles, including live experiments, pre-recorded home presentations, virtual classroom tours, showcases of action research and class experience, demonstrations of STREAM as a center and as individual classrooms, bilingual exhibits, and live song and movement activities. These authentic experiences and discussions help promote critical thinking and compassion among our youngest scholars, helping them make sound choices and plans to better serve the greater community and humanity.