The 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation offers a Pre-RN component of the WorkForce 2000 program. The Pre-RN track aims to increase both the availability and diversity of the New York City nursing workforce by preparing high school students who are interested in considering nursing professions.

During the course of the broad-based Pre-RN curricula, students are not only exposed to various surgeries, such as open heart, lung and robotic surgery, but they also visit prominent hospital sites as well as attend academic field trips.

The WorkForce 2000 Pre-RN component also has a cross generation partnership with the 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation’s Future of America Learning Center (FALC) in which students create age-appropriate healthy lifestyle workshops.

The 1199SEIU/Employer Child Care Corporation hosts an annual Pre-RN Lab Coat Ceremony where program participants are recognized for their achievement.