Anne Shore Camp Providers

All Anne Shore Sleep-Away Camp Program Providers are members of the American Camp Association. All information herein is subject to change.

Campus Kids(Website | Video)
Emagination Computer Camps(Website | Video)
Farm & Wilderness(Website | Gallery)
Camp Farwell for Girls(Website | Video)
French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts(Website | Video)
French Woods Sports & Arts Center(Website | Video)
Camp Glen Brook(Website | Video)
Greenwood Trails(Website | Video)
Camp Ma-He-Tu(Website | Video)
Camp Netimus for Girls(Website | Video)
New York YMCA Camp(Website | Video)
Ramapo for Children (Special Needs)(Website | Video)
Camp Shohola for Boys(Website | Video)
Camp Susquehannock for Boys(Website | Video)
Camp Susquehannock for Girls(Website | Video)
Trail Blazers(Website | Video)
Trail Blazers (Leaders In Training)(Website | Video)
Windsor Mountain International(Website | Video)